A Christmas gift for your boss is going to get you some appreciation from him/her. However, when it comes down to selecting the perfect gift for, there is a high possibility that you will start running out of ideas. Don’t worry; I’m here to help you out by guiding you through a few ideas which can help you understand and decide on what to give your boss for Christmas this year.

Something you heard him/her say

This will work just fine for you as your boss will understand that you are not only a keen observer, but also a good listener. If you have been around your boss while he/she is talking about what to buy or planning to buy soon and you know he/she has not purchased it yet, this Christmas is the perfect time for you to give it to him/her.

Something homemade

Homemade gifts add a little extra warmth to whatever you are giving to your boss. It won’t have a ‘memorable’ factor attached to it, but it will be something special for that moment. Mostly people would pick something they can cook themselves and it will most definitely be something unique for your boss.

Play a prank

Remember: this can only work in case you share an unusually strong bond with your boss. Give him/her a gift that is more of a joke. He/she is going to remember the day for a long time if you are able to execute the trick perfectly. You could create a fake award, or give him/her a small token that signifies a joke.

Something useful

Every time your boss sets his/her eye on the gift which you gave to him/her, there is a high possibility that he/she will think about you too. Therefore, give something that will come in handy later on. It could be anything which you believe might be necessary for his/her daily routine. It could either be a mug with a picture which he/she likes. Or maybe a pen which he/she can use later on to sign things, or maybe put in his pocket.

Something to bond

There are times which help you share a bond with your boss. For instance, there is a high possibility that the two of you share common interests such as golf, tennis or any other sport. If it’s golf, you can gift him a golf ball; or maybe a tennis racket if you and your boss share tennis as a common interest.

Remember, selecting an appropriate Christmas gift for your boss is very important given the formal nature of the relationship.