Most people tend to ignore exercising due to the fact that they are just too lazy or tired to burden their bodies with exertion. However, for a long lasting life, it is imperative that we exercise, which not only delays the aging process but also helps us avoid different diseases. The perfect thing would be to join a gym and exercise daily; nevertheless, if you are not big on exercise, you can at least include a few body movements in your routine to stay as fit as possible.

Clean the House

Sitting all day long on your couch is bad for your heart, so get up and clean the house. Vacuuming the place is a great way to give your body some of the exercise it needs. Alternate your pace, bend, twist and turn as you move along. In hot summers, chances are you might even break a sweat while cleaning the house – which is a good sign.

Choose the stairs

Stop taking the elevator and choose stairs instead. You might feel out of breath at first, but gradually this cardiovascular exercise will help strengthen your lungs. Using the stairs is a perfect exercise for those people who do not have time for proper exercise.


No matter how lazy you might think you are, if you aren’t dead you have to walk. You simply need to walk a little more than you rest.  If your work place isn’t too far, you can choose to walk instead of driving. If you have kids, walk them to school. Regular walk is a perfect way to get more exercise daily.

If you have any pets, the best way to get some exercise is to take them out for walks. Not only can your pets use the extra time, but you can also benefit from it.

Take up a sport

Play some sport with the locals every evening, which will give you enough exercise on a daily basis.

Play with kids

Kids are full of energy and rarely sit at one place for more than a few minutes. If you don’t have your own, spend time with kids in the block, who will keep you busy running around.

Stretch your body

When sitting in front of the computer or television set for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you stretch and tense different muscles and hold them in that particular position for a few seconds, this will have a good impact on the muscles.