Having dry skin around your nose and mouth is a common problem for several people, especially during winters. You start to feel itchy and the area starts getting red. However, everyone must understand the fact that cold weather is not the only reason why you might have this problem. There could be several other reasons why you might have dry skin around your nose and mouth. You should avoid these certain elements which later cause this problem and opt for quick solutions.

Causes for Dry Skin around Nose and Mouth

The most common reasons for dry skin are cold weather, dry heat and the frequent blowing of nose. Once you are exposed to cold weather, you skin tends to get dry. This is quite natural. Moreover, dry heat also causes the same problem. If the weather is humid, you tend to sweat but in case of dry heat, your skin starts getting dry.

Secondly, if you have flu and you have been blowing your nose frequently, there is quite a possibility that you might encounter dry skin around your nose. Why? It’s because the cloth or tissue paper which you use to rub the area around your nose dries it up and takes away all the oils which are at times necessary for your skin. This, in return, causes dry skin around your nose and at times even makes the skin read and itchy.

Certain acne treatments include creams, scrubs and gels which are specifically designed to treat acne. This means that your skin turns extremely dry once you apply any of these materials.

Treatments for Dry Skin around Nose and Mouth

This common problem of dry skin around nose and mouth can be easily sorted out by using humidifier or moisturizers.

However, if you have dry skin due to cold or dry heat then you should try to opt for a mouth cover. They are widely available in different medical stores and you can wear them whenever you plan to move out of your house.

As for acne treatments that leave your skin dry, you can opt for products which have moisturizers included in them. Moreover, you can also use a moisturizer in order to clean your skin twice a day; morning and evening. This will not only help you keep your skin fresh and clean, but also help you keep it moist during the time you are applying acne treatments.