Barring the extremely passionate and compromising one woman/man type people, nearly every adult experiences a break up in his/her life at one point or another. There can be many reasons behind a break up and whatever the cause, people generally have a tendency to move on and waste the years of compassion and love that was shared and celebrated.

You get the idea – right?

If you are a person going through the same process, then ponder whether it was logic or just your ego which forced into making the break up decision. Re-think about your priorities and what matters the most. If you think that the person with whom you broke up with is still the same person you fell in love with; then break out of your mold and get him/her back.

Although this journey can cause you a lot of emotional turmoil, there are many ways through which you can get your ex back.

1.            Sort out the issues

The most important step towards reconciliation is to focus on what really happened in the first place. Was it your over possessiveness, temper, condescending attitude, or the lack of seriousness? There is also a possibility that the breakup was caused by one specific incident, which may have been a result of misunderstanding.

Whatever it was, you cannot change the past; all you can do is to make the future better.

Go back to the drawing board and figure out the reasons rationally with a calm mind; with the desire to get your ex back being the driving force. This brain storming will help you single out the issue(s) which led to the break up; get your ex back, and then carry on with your life smoothly.

2.            Maintain your composure

While making effort to get your relationship back on track is good, you should never show that you are desperate for things to work out again. Learn to hide the emotional storm and the sinking feeling which is killing you from the inside, and let the people see that you are doing just fine. If you show your true emotions, there is a chance that your ex will take you for granted when the relationship renews, and you will always have to be on the defensive. The key is to maintain your self confidence and dignity, ensure constant interaction, and handle all the issues rationally.

3.            Don’t go overboard

In a bid to get their ex back, many people commit the folly of making him/her jealous by being visible with another girl or boy. This can definitely make your ex anxious, but what it can also do is to make him/her believe that the relationship is over and you have moved on. When you are trying to win your ex back, that is the worst result possible.

Never go overboard while impersonating that you have not broken down.

Take the mature path, and try to win the ex back gradually, rather than pushing him/her out of her comfort zone.

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