While you are at the movies, the temptation of getting something to eat, like an extra-large bag of popcorns with extra butter, large cup of soda or coke and a few boxes of candy is stronger than ever. This sure makes the theatre experience even more fun.

However, it is important to remember that eating these snacks add plenty of calories to you, something that you definitely want to avoid. In order to prevent yourself from overeating at the movies, take some simple measures such as going to the movies with a hungry friend or family member, or eating something before heading out to the movies.

One of the best ways to avoid overeating at the movies is to eat a proper meal before you go to the theatre. You will not have any strong craving to grab something to eat while watching the movie if you are already full. However, make sure you do not stuff yourself too much before going to the movies, as this might result in you feeling uncomfortable due to gas throughout the course of the movie. Furthermore, people around you will not be too thrilled to watch the movie while putting up with a bad smell.

If you find yourself becoming really hungry during the movies, go ahead and grab the popcorns. However, make sure you do not gobble them up. Instead, pop a few popcorns in your mouth every 15 to 20 minutes. Do the same with candy, soda, or anything else that you may get to eat or drink at the movies.

If you are at the movies with friends or family, share your popcorns with them. Allowing them to dig into your bag of popcorns will result you getting to eat far less than you would have been able to eat if you had hogged them.

While going to the movies, do not stuff too much money in your pocket or wallet. The lesser money you have on hand to spend, the lesser you would be able to spend on food. Snacks at the movies can be pretty expensive as well, which further prevents you from buying too many edibles.

If you are going to the movies with a friend who has not eaten anything since the past few hours, you will find yourself unable to overeat. Your friend will ensure that he gets a mouth or handful of whatever snack is present in your hand or lap.

Tips & Warnings:

– Do not leave your seat to get snacks during an intense scene. It is best to wait until the interval to hit the snack bar.
– If you are at the movies with your parents, allow them to get the snacks for you. They will surely limit the amount of snacks you eat.