Have you ever dreamt of having rupunzel’s hair? Is your hair taking a long time to grow? There are a lot of things you can put on your hair to make it grow faster. There’s the famous Argan oil and aloe vera. However there is an addition solution to add with that to give you a better result. It’s time to throw away those hair extensions and take more care of our hair. Yes, it will take time and dedication but you will get that long and beautiful hair at the end of the marathon.

Braid Hair To Grow It

Braiding the hair every night before we sleep is the best style for our hair. It has been known to be the best protective hairstyle. Braiding the hair can help prevent split ends and any breakages. However i noticed that braiding the hair every night also increases the length of your hair. The people i know who have long hair always braid their hair before they sleep or always keep their hair in braids. I have been braiding my hair since i was a child and i feel it has had an impact on the length of my hair.

The End Wins

The more you look after the ends of your hair, the fewer trips you will need to the hairdressers to trim the ends. The morning after i braid my hair, my hair is always softer and has fewer frizzes. Split ends can be caused by mechanical stress and excessive heat. It makes sense that if your hair has less split-end, it will grow better. Also hair that has more split-ends always looks much shorter.

Head Massage to Grow Hair

So, when you braid your hair, add your desired oil and massage into the scalp. Massaging the head increases blood flow to the scalp. That term ‘increases blood-flow’ is used in lots articles but why is this important? This is the question lingering in most of our minds. Well, when the blood flow increases, that area in the body i.e. hair follicles receives more nutrients from the bloodstream. Hence, the hair follicles will then have the sufficient amount of nutrients in order for it to grow. Hair massaging is also great for preventing hair loss. It also enhances the strength of the hair roots. This will give you a stronger and healthier hair growth.

Coconut, Castor or Argan Oil

There are so many oils we can use, but which one is better for which hair type? I heard that coconut oil is good for straight hair but makes curly hair frizzier. However, Argan oil is really good for curly and afro hair. Even Castor Oil has its own benefits. Check them out!

Apply it most to the ends of the hair before you start plaiting. Keep the plaits very loose.

Hair Follicles Under Stress

Tying the hair too tight can put the hair follicles under stress. When plaiting, do not use hair ties at the top of your head, only at the ends. Avoid using metal hair ties as this causes more damage. If you have brushed your hair many times during the day, do not brush before plaiting. Brushing the hair too much causes split-ends. You can also part your hair and have two plaits to prevent your hair reseeding from the front. Have a go and do not give up straight away. Make it one of your bed time routines, just before you rest your head on the pillow….good luck!