With the holiday season just around the corner, you will be drawn into a lot of partying and those inevitably involve a lot of food, especially sweets. With so much delicious food within your reach, the healthy eating routines get lost during scrumptious breakfasts, lunches and dinners. However, we have figured out the perfect strategies to help you avoid holiday weight gain this year.

Start Your Day with Protein

A protein-rich breakfast along with a mix of carbohydrates is recommended by top nutritionists around the world. This is going to help you feel full for a longer period of time. Such nutrition helps you stabilize your blood sugar and it helps you avoid the usual temptations to eat more during daytime.

Exercise during Daily Activities

Since the holiday season will keep you busy and you won’t have time to hit the gym or even the treadmill, you will have to work with the daily chores which you have at hand. Since you will be going out for shopping, try parking the car far away from the shops or ride a bike. Walk more than usual and start stretching your body while doing day-to-day activities to make up for lost exercise.

Wake up Early in the Morning

Most people shy away from getting up early during the holidays but it is important if you care about your fitness. Whenever it is possible, you should sleep early so you can wake up early too. This will help you add a few extra hours during day time. Do a morning workout for at least half an hour and start your day. A few stretching exercises will be enough for you to burn the required amount of calories during the day.

Walk while Talking

Since you will be receiving a lot of phone calls during this holiday season, try to take it to your advantage. How? Grab your cell phone and start walking for the duration you are on the phone. You are mostly sitting and doing nothing while you are on the phone, so why not make the best of it and use that time to burn more calories?

Make an Exercise Friend

Once you are going out to exercise alongside a friend, the two of you are going to serve as motivation for each other. At times when you plan on doing things alone, they are not too motivating for you and end up sitting at home doing nothing. Once you have a friend or a family member you can talk to, you will not feel the time passing by and the two of you can use any spare time to workout together whether at home or in the nearest park.