Usually people want to lose weight, but if your goal is to put on a few pounds then eating healthy snacks is the best solution. To make sure that you gain weight, go for foods that are high in calories, unsaturated fats, carbohydrates and proteins. If you can understand a diet chart and count your calorie consumption each day, then make sure your daily intake is more than what you consume, and you will see your weight scaling up healthily very soon. Use a generously heaped tablespoon of peanut butter on your bread every morning, dress your salads liberally with olive oil, and cook your food in sufficient amount of canola oil. Your drinks should also contain some healthy weight-gaining sugars.

Here are a few healthy snacks that you can use to speed up your weight gain process:

Whole Fat Dairy Products

While weight watchers are advised fat-free dairy products, those wishing to gain weight should automatically switch to whole fat dairy items. Add full-cream and whole milk to your daily diet plan and pretty soon you will notice your weight going up the scales. Do not hesitate to consume whole fat cheese twice a week. Yogurt is also a healthy weight-gaining dairy product.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and snacks are natural munchies that not only give you energy to accomplish your daily tasks but also provide you with good health. Nuts, particularly, are rich in mono-saturated fats and play a key role in weight gain. The best way to add nuts to your daily diet chart is to consume a handful every morning.

Crackers and Bagels

Crackers and bagels are also very good weight-gaining munchies. Use a generous heaping of margarine, honey or jam to not only enhance the taste of your crackers and bagels made from whole wheat, but also to increase the amount of calories they offer.


Tuna has long been associated with weight watchers because of its low fat content. But high protein level and healthy calories make it a perfect food for those who want to gain weight.

Fruits and Vegetables

The best thing about fruits and vegetables is that they not only help you lose weight but also aid in adding a few healthy pounds. You can also snack with dried fruits such as dried prunes, raisins etc.

Bottom Line

Besides choosing the right amount of calories and right types of food, it is important to change your eating habits as well. Usually three square meals a day are enough to keep you fit and healthy, but if your target is to gain weight then make sure you snack in between.