Is age catching up on you even though you try several wrinkle free products? It’s quite natural for several people. While a few will look older than their original age, the others will look younger. For people who want to look younger, they need to concentrate on their day to day activities. There are certain things which they eat or do and that, in return, comes straight to their face and makes their skin weak. Here are a few tips that will help you look younger.

Stop Smoking

It’s not only about smoking; in fact, if you are having drugs, then you cannot blame yourself for looking weaker and older than your actual age. Smoking takes away a vital nutrition from your body known as collage. Regular smokers have this nutrient reduced by up to forty percent. Moreover, smoking causes dehydration that eventually gives you a wrinkly skin.

Drink Less Caffeine and Alcohol

An early morning coffee sounds like a plan doesn’t it? Remember, it’s not good for your skin. On the other hand, alcohol’s effects on your skin are worse. It makes your capillaries dilate as your blood pressure increases once you take in alcohol. Besides this, several minerals are destroyed once you start consuming alcohol and caffeine on a daily basis.

Drink More Water

This is the most obvious tip which you will receive from almost every person around the globe. If you want to look young, you need a fresh skin and for that you need to drink a lot of water. Research suggests that at least 8 glasses of water is required by a person on a daily basis. If you think you have been drinking less, then start drinking more. It doesn’t mean that you drink water with other substances or fluids – no! You need to drink plain, simple and fresh water to give your skin the everyday hydration that it needs.


This is another important thing for your skin. If you have not been taking your beauty sleep, how do you expect yourself to look young and beautiful? Everyday sleep is absolutely necessary for every person around the globe. A recent study revealed that your skin repairs itself while you are giving it a rest during your sleep. Therefore, try to cut down on your working hours and stop partying late night. A good six to eight hours of night sleep can help you look healthy and younger than your actual age.

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