A recent study has sprung to life and come into the limelight over the past few weeks stating that a regular cup of coffee could be the easiest way of increasing your life span. Greek coffee is the exact thing if you need to ask. The study focuses that cardiovascular health of the person is improved and this in turn increases the longevity of the person. A thing which is becoming more and more sought after in the recent years with the life span of the normal man decreasing in average to the past living human beings.

These findings have been published in the Vascular Medicine magazine and have focused on the people who were living in the island of Ikaria, a place of Greek origin. The island was chosen because the people of the place are known to have the longest life span on the face of the earth so far in the recent times at least.

The stats about the age of the people came up as an intriguing fact for the scientists and they set out to find the facts. The figures presented in the study have stated that only 0.1 percent of the entire population of Europe manage to live beyond the 90 years mark. The interesting thing about the continental island of Greece boasted great figures in this matter.

A complete 1 percent of people on the island of Ikaria manage to surpass the 90 year barrier and this interested the scientists in to carrying out a study as to why people lived longer on the island.

A number of doctors and health researchers set out to examine the coffee drinking trends of the elder people of the mentioned area and found a great deal of evidence in the matter which supported there would be study.

The conclusion of the associated educationists is put into their own words here:

“Boiled Greek type of coffee, which is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants and contains only a moderate amount of caffeine, seems to gather benefits compared to other coffee beverages.”

“The current study provides new evidence showing the link between cardiovascular health and nutritional health. Because coffee consumption is so widespread, even the small health effects of at least one kind of coffee could have a big influence on public health.”

The authors suggest that further studies are needed to identify the exact advantageous effects of coffee on cardiovascular health but so far the scientists are convinced that the consumption of coffee has led to a greater life span than the other parts of Europe.