At times finding the perfect match for your foundation can be quite difficult. You simply can’t just go to the store and find the perfect one. You simply want to find the perfect shade and finish of foundation for your skin, but you can’t. Either it is too light or too dark. In this case you may always opt for custom mixing your foundation. There are certain benefits for mixing your foundation.

Benefits of Mixing Your Foundation

Helps in Getting the Right Colour

You can always make the foundation cooler or warmer. The three basic colours for your foundation can be warm, cool or neutral. There are times when the foundation may seem a little too pink, tan or even yellow.

Helps in Getting the Right Shade

You can always make the foundation lighter or darker as per your need. If you have spray tanning, then this technique can actually be quite useful.

Helps in Getting the Right Finish

Through this way you can make the foundation either more matte, or dewy. At times your foundation seems too matte or even flat looking. On other days it might be too shiny. In such cases you need to find something that falls right in the middle.

Steps to Mix Your Foundation

Start off by making sure that your hands are clean so that you do not transfer any germs to you face.

Then start placing small dots of the first foundation around your face and on to your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.

Repeat the previous step for the second type of foundation as well. It’s true that it looks like you have over-applied the foundation but you need to cover each and every spot on your skin. You don’t always have to use a lot of foundation; in fact, you can add more or put less as per your needs.

Now either you can use a stippling brush or even a beauty blender in order to gently blend the colour on your skin.

Always work from middle of your skin to the outer hairline. This will help you keep majority of the product in the middle of your face. Moreover, you will also avoid a foundation ring from foring around your hairline.

That’s it! You have successfully managed to mix your foundations. In order to get the perfect blend, you will have to try out different shades of foundations to work on.