Are you planning to go out on the beach with friends and don’t know how to set up your hair? You know, between all the salt water and the wind that is on the beach, you need to give your hair the perfect body and volume. It’s because the sea salt is probably going to give your hair an extremely dirty feel. You simply want to wash it out once it’s there. However, if you have the beachy effect without the smell of salt and sunscreen, there’s nothing like it.

Things You Will Need

First of all you will need a leave-in conditioner, something that works as a thermal protectant.

Secondly you are going to need a half-inch curling iron. It is easily available in different beauty stores.

Third, you are going to need a water wax which is later used for texturing your hair.

Lastly, you are going to need a light-weight hairspray. This is to help you stick to the hairstyle which you have opted for.

Steps to Get Beachy Waves

First of all, you are going to dry your hair with the help of a spray. Remember that you already have a leave-in conditioner along with a thermal protectant in your hair. Basically you are going to use all these products in order to coat your hair so they remain protected from the heat of the curling iron. Also, learn how to brush long hair without pain so that you can get the job done easily.

Once your hair is well-coated, take two inch partings and start wrapping your hair around the barrel of your curling iron. Always remember to start two three inches away from your roots and end at least an inch before you meet the end. Moreover, always wrap around the barrel in order to get the beachy effect that you crave for. If you start using the clamp of the iron, you will always get ringlets and not waves.

Once your hair has fully curled, take the water wax and rub it on your palms. Then start using your hands through the curls. Apply the hair wax gently by pulling on them so that you can loosen and blend the curls. This will add a little choppy effect right at the edges.

Your beachy waves are almost complete. Simply put your head upside down and apply a hairspray all over your hair. You can always crunch your hair with your hands and then flip them back over.

Go out and enjoy your beachy waves!