The human skin is a remarkable organ, not only protecting the more sensitive inner tissues but also adding personality to every individual’s appearance. Cosmetic companies have been making a lot of money selling products that promise better skin and improved complexion, but most people forget that nature has provided us with so many options. Here are 6 food items which can make your skin firmer, smoother, fresher and less prone to wrinkling and sagging with time and age.


Dairy products have proteins which help in making your skin more firm and resistant to wrinkles. However, since most dairy products are high in calories, yogurt is the perfect option for those looking to improve skin quality without having to consume too many calories. For the best results you should go with plain yogurt with a high protein content.


Pomegranates are not only tasty but rich in polyphenol anti-oxidants, which are extremely effective in fighting free radical damage. Free radicals are largely responsible for aging the skin over time but these anti-oxidants slow down this process, resulting in fresher skin. You can eat them, drink their juice and even apply it directly to your skin for best results.


These nuts have omega-3 fatty acids which are crucial in improving the elasticity of your skin. Walnuts also have copper, which promotes the production of collagen. This also improves the firmness of your skin and fights wrinkles. You can keep a pack of walnuts with you and snack on them during work but don’t overdo it.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds have vitamin E and fatty acids. They help protect your skin from the damaging effect of sun rays and if you apply sunflower seed oil on your skin, you can treat dry patches and flakes effectively.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans can help you fight zits and blemishes on the skin. They are packed with zinc, which has healing properties beneficial to your skin. You can just include kidney beans in your weekly diet plan and start seeing fresher skin.


If you have high blood sugar, your body produces more androgens, which are hormones that promote the formation of wrinkles. Oatmeal is an excellent alternative to high carb breakfast cereals, giving you essential fiber and not burning up as quickly as other food items. This means your blood sugar won’t spike after a meal and you will also benefit from the healing properties of oats.