Dieting is being specific about your food choices. Many of us consider this as a special assignment given by ourselves, but this is not the real case. You have to have a diet plan in order to stay healthy on permanent basis.

A lot of people use dieting to lose their weight and after accomplishing the task, they start losing focus again. Although there is no need to be extra conscious, you should always be wise about what suits your health.

The only thing you need is to make slight changes to the lifestyle. You need persistency plus commitment to keep the fat away permanently.


If you eat bad stuff in the morning, your stomach will stay in trouble throughout the day. Try to eat good things like turkey sausage McMuffin, fruits and milk, instead of Egg McMuffins and hash-browns. Don’t take too much sugar at start of the day. You can cut it by mixing orange juice with another juice like cranberry.

It is better to have a homemade sandwich in breakfast, alongside a cup of tea or coffee. Those who are already eating this can go one step ahead, and start scrambled egg whites, fruit, and plenty of water.


You can have a heavy lunch, but it is better to avoid eating much at night. Most of us eat hamburgers, fries with a soft drink in lunch. Change this with chicken sandwich, baked chips and a diet cola. Slowly go ahead and try salad with chicken, fruits and steamed veggies.


It is the most important thing to take care of. Most people take snacks, whenever they feel like eating. You can cut down your hunger by drinking good amount of water.

Leave unhealthy snacks like chips, candy and snack cakes and go for the baked chips or crackers. Go one step ahead and try Soy Chips, plain nuts, raw vegetables and dried fruits.


Sometimes, you do all the hard work by eating healthy food in breakfast, lunch and dinner. But by eating chocolate, cookies or candy bars, most people waste everything. For desserts, you can try low fat brownies or angel food cake.