When it comes to decrease weight, the formula seems simple: cut calories and you will lose pounds. There is just one slight problem, the stomach starts growling and protests and you finally give in. It is surveys that when body is given less food, it produces a hunger hormone which forces you to eat. This doesn’t mean that you cannot lose weight; you just need to trick your body a little and you will be able to win the battle. You will end up with a flatter tummy and will feel a sense of achievements that you have controlled your hunger.

Start your day with protein. Nutritionists recommend that having proteins in breakfast keep you full longer and take more time to digest. This means you will not be craving for a bag of crisps by midday. Breakfast is the best time to have lean proteins. Eat a low fat yogurt or egg whites in breakfast.

If you try to cut all the fat from your diet, it will have negative results. It is said that the unsaturated fat in avocados, nuts and olive oil help to curb hunger. Just watch on the amount of your intake, too much will make you gain weight. Go for two tablespoons of peanut butter with a slice of whole wheat bread or an ounce of nuts when you feel like snacking.

Who knew that chewing a gum can also aid in your efforts of weight loss. It is surveyed that people who chew gum consume 67 fewer calories during the next meal. When the mouth is chewing, the brain gets the signal of satiety. Go for a sugar free gum and preferably mint flavoured because it tricks the taste buds and keeps the hunger at bay for longer.

Liquids play a big role in curbing your appetite. A benefit of water besides keeping you hydrated is controlling your appetite. When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water and you will feel full. Also indulge in liquids which have less sugar and more nutrients. Green tea, vegetable juices of low fat smoothies give you fibre and protein and are low on fats and sugars. They help to suppress the appetite and should be consumed in place of sugary soft drinks.

Proper sleep can also help you in suppressing your appetite. If you sleep less, you will be hungrier and your metabolism will decrease. Proper sleeps keeps you energetic.