With the holiday season on the rise and winter reaching its peak, we all tend to experience the usual cold and flu. While some people are not bothered by the incessant sniffing, others don’t take it too well and want it to go away in an instant. People should understand that medicines are not all that effective against viral infections however here are a few tips to prevent cold and flu this winter season.

Increasing Humidity at Home and in the Bedroom

Research suggests that cold and flu coincides with winter because this virus is expected to survive in low humidity. Therefore, if you want this virus to be killed, simply increase the humidity at your home. It will be even better that you sleep in a humid environment and for that you can use air conditioning in your bedroom.

Go for a Daily Walk

Scientists around the globe claim that if your body is getting exercise on a daily basis, the chances of getting a cold and flu are significantly reduced. A research conducted in the University of South Carolina claims that adults who are moderately active tend to avoid cold and flu during the winter season.

Increase Vitamin D

Our body produces Vitamin D naturally. All we need is a little sunlight and we are good to go. However, research states that almost 1 billion people around the world have a deficiency of this crucial vitamin. This vitamin is considered to be extremely important for the immune system. Therefore, when it comes down to having a cold and flu, simply increase the amount of Vitamin D in your system. How can you do that? Well, it’s easy. Go out and enjoy the early morning sun. In case you area has relatively less sunlight, then you must consult the doctor and he/she can help you out through Vitamin D pills.

Eat Greens

Several people are meat lovers and there is definitely no problem with that. However, they must understand the importance of eating plant-based foods. When you will start eating vegetables, your body will get phytonutrients; which essentially help in fighting diseases. A study made by the American Journal suggests that phytonutrients are extremely important for the human body. Moreover, they also revealed that they can lower the risk of cancer and all sorts of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, start eating a diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables to prevent several health issues.